Equestrian Spotlight Dec 2014 – McKenzie

McKenzie has been riding for 3 years. Her mom was her inspiration for getting up on a horse for the first time. Ever since then she has been in LOVE!

She attends St. Mark’s school. Her goal is to compete at an eventing show. She focuses on riding only so she can soon own her own horse. She is asking for more lessons from Santa, and we can thank Helmut for that one!


Unbridled Musical on Horseback & Road to Africa


Unbridled Musical on Horseback Exstravaganza

Please join us January 4th at 6:30 PM for Unbridled’s Musical on Horseback Extravaganza! FREE admission with the hopes of raising money thru donations for Unbridled’s owner/head trainer Paula Kubicki’s mission trip to South Africa.

Mission to Africa

Read more about Paula’s Mission to Africa

2015 Goal – Send 150 people to Soweto, South Africa
to give our blessings & change even MORE lives!

Africa Mission 2010I have put my name forward, once again, to be part of the Crossroad’s challenge to change the world. I was fortunate in 2007 to be one of the 600 people Crossroads sent to do whatever needed to be done to be a blessing to the people of Mamelodi. Don and I put our names forward again in 2010, which was a life changing experience. March of 2015, my son, Josh, and I are going, not only to transform some lives in Africa but to transform our relationship together.

After much soul searching and hard work on the ground in Africa, Crossroad’s has partnered with Grace Bible Church, in Soweto, South Africa- A huge community on the outskirts of Johannesburg. It’s a place overrun with serious problems, like HIV and extreme poverty as well as serious singing, dancing, and joy. Yes, joy! This church community is the most grateful, joyful and spiritual people you could ever meet.

The biggest question I get, “Is why are you going?” Because when a lot of us GO, God shows up…and we want to continue to see what happens when we allow God to lead us. Crossroads is developing new partnerships in South Africa to bring about transformative change, and we want to throw some fuel on that fire. There is no better way than sending 150 people to work alongside these new partners and give them a boost in their efforts to help those who are hurting.

The basic idea though is building homes, planting food, and loving kids. We also hope to capitalize on the expertise of our team by doing some mini-projects that could include IT work, medical work, small business development work and educational work.African Mission 2010

Our goal for 2015 is to send 150 people to Soweto, South Africa to give our blessings and change even MORE lives!

There is so much more to be done! My experience in 2007 was life changing. Because of people like you, I was able to change a family’s life. I was told God is present in Mamelodi, never being there before 2007, I wasn’t sure what that really meant. I’d like to share my experience with you, the best I can. I was part of the kid’s team, which was sent out daily to the township. They lived in huts made out of whatever they could fine and had no running water or bathrooms.

Africa9bOn one particular day, a child of five years old, wandered over to me, just standing there looking up at me with his big brown, sad eyes. All the other children were playing with the other team members. He did not want to play; he just wanted to be held. It was so hard to hold back the tears as I held this boy. All he wanted was LOVE.For safety reasons, we were told to never leave our groups. As usual, I don’t follow rules very well. So, Amare and I wandered away from the group to his home. His home was made of old wooden signs and cardboard. Inside was his mother, Ester, bed ridden for 5 months. She was in excruciating pain and awaiting a witch doctor that would lift a spell that had been put upon her. Her hip looked dislocated. I wish that was all it was.

I was able to tell my story to Dan, a big, tall gentleman on the construction team. I Africa1bexplained to him I needed someone, with lots of muscle, to go with me to get her to a hospital. We found a taxi, not as easy as it sounds. We took her to their hospital, which was an hour away. I thought once we were in the hospital the hard part was over. Not even close. After waiting for hours, they informed us that they were full and could not give her any medical attention.

Dan I decided we would take her to a private hospital and pay for it ourselves. Keep in mind, Ester was in terrible pain, the dirt roads elevated the pain every time we hit a bump. The doctor diagnosed her with bone cancer. He explained to us that the cost would be astronomical. We had hit a wall. I was getting discouraged. It took us days to convince her and her husband to even allow us to get her medical help. I was not giving up! Ester was lying down in the taxi with her head on my lap. By now it was really late in the evening and it was the day before we were to go back to the states. I was told that I needed to take her back to her hut. It was a record cold night so I refused to do it. She was not going to leave my side until I got her help. Titus, the pastor of Charity and Faith, our partner church, who is the backbone of all we do in Mamelodi, got involved.

Africa6Because of you, Ester was admitted to the Bophelong Community Hospice where she could get quality care she deserved. Persistence and passion gave Amare her mother back. If you have the passion to help me make a difference again, you can through sponsorship. If you have ever wanted to make a difference but could not travel across the world, let me be your hands and heart and together we can DO IT!   ~ Paula Kubicki



Silent Auction Items
(updated 12/15/2014 1:43pm)


Damask Queen Quilt Hand Quilted   donated by  Ambassadors Antiques $425 value
Ariat Goodie Tote Bag   dontated by McCauley’s $75 value
Feed Bucket Bonanza   dontated by Carneys $75 value
Private Dressage Lesson   dontated by Jennifer Grant $75 value
Private Horsemanship Training Session   dontated by Tim Shaw $75 value

IEA Team Unbridled – 1st event!

The Unbridled IEA Team had a fabulous weekend at Morehead State Univerisity last weekend. This was our 1st IEA event and we rocked it!
Claudia Sullivan placed 6th,3rd,6th. Julia Smiddy placed 4th,5th,2nd.. Lexi Westrick placed 3rd,3rd,5th. Gabrielle Bissell placed 5tth,1st,5th. Marissa Greenwell placed 6th,5th. Lauren Tolliver placed 1st,4th. Ashyln Davis placed 4th,4th. Liliy Journey placed 5th, 3rd, 1st. Kaitlyn Boggs placed 5th. Grant Boggs placed 6th. Rachel Davis placed 6th,6th. Sarah Hicks placed 5th,5th. Leigh Ann Kronour placed 6th,5th. 
Congrats to our team and coach Jenna!
What a great first show! Proud to have you all as part of the Unbridled Team!!!
IEA Morehead 01 iea_morehead2014 IEA Morehead State smiles IEA Blue Morehead State Unbridled IEA Team


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